As i pass through my facebook pages and groups – also scrolling down through my instagram’s stories i asked myself one question: Makeup or no-makeup?

There are definitely a lot of you in favor of wearing makeup because we all are caught in this era of makeup revolution.

I have seen people placing their selfies on social media and claiming it with a hashtag as #NomakeupSelfie – which is ofcourse a good initiative to reveal your natural beauty then why using additional filters and light base to enhance it a bit more for others?

I just believe that wearing thick layers of makeup and hiding your true self under it can never be taken as a good idea.

Just think of it in this way that how the masses who have an access to the social media but can’t afford buying expensive stuff  like you will feel?

We all are born with imperfections but i would just say that there are few who are better in hiding them while others who are the best in carrying their flaws with a self confidence; I will just end my post with this saying that:

There’s no better makeup than self-confidence”



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