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As I go through my facebook pages and groups – also scrolling down through my instagram’s stories i asked myself one question: Makeup or no-makeup?

There are definitely a lot of you in favor of wearing makeup because we all are caught in this era of makeup revolution. Honestly, for me make up is all about a good concealer and a face powder. I try getting all the expensive things for my sensitive skin but end up using just the concealer and face powder.

I am going to share the picture of my makeup collection at the end of this post so that you will see how I am too obsessed about buying makeup but don’t even know how to utilize most of the things that are there.

Sometimes, even my friends make fun of me and pointout on my makeup skills. They pass comments like dude, you forgot to blush on the left side – and hey sweetie don’t try contouring, it doesn’t fix your nose but make your face looks like a mud 😀 – If I recall, it really hurts in the starting but I am glad that I am trying everyday and am sure one day I will do better and if not, then surely I have better things to do in life (Sarcastic note)

We all are born with imperfections but i would just say that there are few who are better in hiding them while others who are the best in carrying their flaws with a self confidence; I will just end my post with this saying that:

There’s no better makeup than self-confidence”


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