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By Maria & Malikat

Fashion is all what I always dream about. You can say it’s something I lived for…

It all started at one night in UAE (One of the days where I am in my own thoughts and using my phone and I can’t do without my phone before going to bed:-D).

Suddenly my phone beep and my mobile screen popped up with an Instagram notification and I thought that it must be one my random daily stalkers. GUESS WHAT? It’s a famous white girl linked with the fashion industry and a photographer by profession. Not only just that but she also left a comment on one of my photo saying to provide her with my contact details.

photo 2photo 1

So I jumped up on my bed thinking that my dream for fashion model is about to turn into reality:-D I was so excited that I could not sleep and I was just praying for the day to move fast so I can disclose the news to my friend (My partner in crime) – Maria – bUHAHAHA. Also at the back of my mind I got a cold feet scared about being messed up in front of the famous fashion artists. And also because I was getting all rough due to the high pressure at work.

As days goes by and I am patiently waiting for the D-day my friend already gave me hope to be there with me but she ditch me at the last moment :/ The day is here so I skipped my food so that I will be flat for the big day where I can all pose up and be myself. Here I am standing in front of a big building Emirate hill located in one of the posh areas of Dubai named Jumeirah.

When I enter the tower I found lots of other beautiful models from different nationalities and believe me MAN they were all much more beautiful and confident than me.  (It got me scared). Then I met with the photographer, she was a very nice lady who boost my confidence then I remember one thing that;

Confidence is the key if you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody will.

Here are the glimpses of my shoot and it turned out one of the best experience of my life.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

For more info feel free to contact at:


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