Ice Cream is Happiness condensed 😍

By Maria

It’s so hot in UAE so the only thing that can truly bring happiness to me is a cup of my fave ice cream. So don’t think much just grab your fave flavor from the nearest ice cream parlor and Enjoy 😊 #SummerDelights


I got my fave – did you?


By Maria & Malikat

Fashion is all what I always dream about. You can say it’s something I lived for…

It all started at one night in UAE (One of the days where I am in my own thoughts and using my phone and I can’t do without my phone before going to bed:-D).

Suddenly my phone beep and my mobile screen popped up with an Instagram notification and I thought that it must be one my random daily stalkers. GUESS WHAT? It’s a famous white girl linked with the fashion industry and a photographer by profession. Not only just that but she also left a comment on one of my photo saying to provide her with my contact details.

photo 2photo 1

So I jumped up on my bed thinking that my dream for fashion model is about to turn into reality:-D I was so excited that I could not sleep and I was just praying for the day to move fast so I can disclose the news to my friend (My partner in crime) – Maria – bUHAHAHA. Also at the back of my mind I got a cold feet scared about being messed up in front of the famous fashion artists. And also because I was getting all rough due to the high pressure at work.

As days goes by and I am patiently waiting for the D-day my friend already gave me hope to be there with me but she ditch me at the last moment :/ The day is here so I skipped my food so that I will be flat for the big day where I can all pose up and be myself. Here I am standing in front of a big building Emirate hill located in one of the posh areas of Dubai named Jumeirah.

When I enter the tower I found lots of other beautiful models from different nationalities and believe me MAN they were all much more beautiful and confident than me.  (It got me scared). Then I met with the photographer, she was a very nice lady who boost my confidence then I remember one thing that;

Confidence is the key if you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody will.

Here are the glimpses of my shoot and it turned out one of the best experience of my life.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

For more info feel free to contact at:


By Maria

When I bake the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it is not and I need to do it again.

 It’s been a long time now since I started baking some really delicious cakes. And believe me now it’s like “MAGIC” that the idea of baking came in my mind and it makes my day. Let me share my very first experience of baking a cake. There were no light in our area which is one of the daily problems faced by the people lived in Karachi. I was so bored and I walked into my kitchen to get something to eat, but out of many there is one more problem with the Desi people that they never save any food to eat for the next day so there was nothing to eat.

Instead of starving I thought of helping myself by utilizing the things available at that very moment. Luckily I found all what is required to bake a cake except for the electricity therefore the very first cake I made was on a gas stove.

Let me just quickly share the step by step method of baking a cake on a gas stove:

Put a stand/Small pan inside a big clean steel dish on a stove with full high flame and completely cover the lid so that the heat will stay inside the dish and create the oven hot temperature inside.


For a batter, I put on the following ingredients in a pan and mix it for like 15 to 20 minutes.

1 cup of oil

2 Egg

 1 cup powdered sugar

2 drop vanilla essence

1 cup of All purpose Flour

4 tablespoon of cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of baking powder

(If your batter is thick, just add some hot milk but make sure that it is softer and not very thin)

Grease the cake pan with oil on its plate and corners, add the batter in it and put it inside the dish on the stove carefully. Lower the flame a little to avoid the burning of the cake.                                                                                                               

 (Also I burned my hand there and the mark is still on my left hand so make sure to put the pan properly  if you are trying doing this job)

When I checked after 20 minutes I was the happiest person alive, seeing it is no longer a batter, but a cake which is already started swelling up evenly. Just after 15 minutes of waiting again I checked with the match stick that the cake is done or not and it was perfectly done.


Right after this piece of happiness, I thought of putting on some more creativity to decorate it (Which is one of my favorite jobs when it comes to baking).

Here is the topping I mostly use in almost all of my cakes:

Melt some chocolate (Grab dairy milks) which you can do by putting a saucer over another steel dish with hot burning water. After it got melted add half cup of thick cream, mix it well and cover your cake with it. Sprinkle the leftovers of the cake over it. You can also put up some colorful bounties or whatever chocolate you like over it.

The Final Look Of My First ever Cake !!

Once you get into this job of baking you will never come out. Mark my words. HAPPY BAKING!

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