A Big YAY to this Episode of YKS !

After every Wednesday I wait desperately for the next one because of my recent drama obsession started with “Yakeen Ka Safar”. Let’s not get into the details of what this drama is all about as it has already developed a lot of the hype in such a short span of time.

The reason why I am posting this is to point out at today’s episode, which is definitely going to sustain the best ratings in my eyes so far. I am totally a fan of the chemistry I found between Dr. aswindyar and Dr. Zubia. It is so amazing that how these actors play their roles so accurately that we actually start falling in love with each and every one of them. But, today the message which had been portrayed in the form of Dr. Aswindyar was exceptional.

We dwell in a society where cruelty always provokes a revenge. But, today’s episode of YKS highlights that how Dr.Aswindyar instead of possessing all the powers didn’t misuse his noble profession by taking any revenge from the culprit involved in the murder of his only brother.

He fulfills his responsibility and in return received the long awaited justice for his brother in front of the whole world again. The story gets back on the track with some more twists ahead.

The message really touched me as I think that one should always deal with the obstacles of life patiently. Take firm steps and do what they believe is morally correct.

Thus, here i am dedicating this post to the person who played the role so perfectly with such appropriate expressions that have rendered such a strong message. And that’s of course is the one and only Dr. Asfi aka Ahad Raza 🙏


Thinak Dhin – Coke Studio 10

Coke studio always bring something which is a treat for the ones who enjoy music and can relate their life to it. This track definitely brings me back to life – All these amazing compilations, the tones and of course the artists took my heart off! Last season it was #AfreenAfreen before that #TajdarEHaram💖 and this time it’s #ThinakDhin – ” Sitaro say Agay jahaaaa aur bhi hain Abi Ishq k imtehan aur bhi hainnnnnnn ” – Coke Studio definitely knows how to win hearts over music 🎶

Still can’t stop playing it – Link below 👇🏻

Thinak Dhin Coke Studio 10


YES ! I am Obsessed with Broadway Shows 

The best thing I have ever seen in my life is a broadway show  🎭 – i was never so much into musical stuff but it was when my sister arranged my trip to New York and send me to witness this amazing show at Time Square. 

Nothing is more surrealistic than seeing the story being predicted in a musical way. It literally gave me goosebumps and the one i saw there is the famous of all times “The Phantom of the Opera” which has been running for 25 years on broadway.

The tickets for the show are quite expensive but you can surely get it in a cheaper price at the Box Office in timesquare.  As I have seen it once in New York so now my Broadways’ obsession can take me to anywhere in the world for it. 

I have been lucky enough receiving a Lion King🦁 broadway ticket in an eid gift which took place in houston last month.  It was definitely amazing but couldn’t beat “The Phantom of the opera” –  

So if you are in New York then don’t miss your broadway treat 🙂 

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