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Hello everyone ..2nd of August is here and people are celebrating friendship day around the globe and so are we. I was so tired after work but catch up with my friend on an evening tea. It’s only when you get so busy in your life that you completely forget about the true blessings of life called friends – So today take some time out to remind you friends how important they are to you and celebrate the togetherness. Keep these moments as a treasure and turn it into a lifetime pleasure 😂 Happy friendship day everyone 😉👭👬👫



This refers to the system of dowry that is considered as a prerequisite for marriage, which is sometimes not affordable for the middle/lower classes and due to that many girls from these classes remain unmarried. It has now become a national curse, which should not be supported by our society.


I have lately been observing the situation relating to the custom of dowry. There is a family in our neighborhood whose son was getting married and a day before the mehndi function the dowry arrived at their home, which was not according to their expectations. As their demands were high their new in-laws-to-be could not fulfill them; thus the nuptials were called off just four days before the marriage. This was definitely a very embarrassing situation for the girl and her family.

In this day and age, due to skyrocketing prices people cannot afford a meal, let alone the burden of providing dowry. As Humans we should not follow these customs and traditions of our society that are causing hardship to others.

I would like to take this opportunity to request the people around the world that they must try to get out of this age-old tradition of excessive dowry and eliminate it forever. Dowry is indeed a sign of illiteracy and a society cannot flourish when it is being run by greed.

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